ELEMIS - FutureBrand



ELEMIS asked FutureBrand to create a holiday collection to make them stand out in the market and attract new customers. We developed a superior, curated gift offering using an engaging and inspiring design that would appeal to modern audiences. Focused around a single, big idea ‘Brand at heart, Festive in spirit, Nostalgia in mind’ we created an omni-channel experience using ownable design and differentiated packaging to highlight the award-winning luxury skincare range’s unique offering.


ELEMIS wanted to stand out during the holiday season, but also needed to uphold their premium credentials and feel brand-led, rather than generic in their category. The holiday design had to work as a campaign, spanning across all channels from digital to packaging, retail and window displays.


We started by understanding consumer trends, which led to the insight that overall we are moving away from a uniform expression of identity and wellness towards more individualistic, eclectic, self-expression, with the ability to curate your own identity and fuel your own wellness.

Taking into account the varied audiences of Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers, the ELEMIS brand also had to appeal to three diverse audience groups. Connecting with these seemingly disparate audiences was about leveraging emotion effectively to drive engaging experiences – allowing each audience to express themselves via attitudes rather than demographics.

The Holidays are a time for excitement and joyful celebration, with treasured moments and happy memories. It is a time for kindness, gift-giving and an opportunity to ‘stop-the-clock’ to reflect and nurture meaningful relationships. However, Holiday shopping can be hectic and stressful so ELEMIS’ Holiday Collections are the perfect gifts for loved ones, or the ultimate self-indulgence to escape the busy festive period.

We wanted to convey the magic and uniqueness of an ELEMIS Holiday. The festive season is different for everyone so we created a number of shapes that came from the ELEMIS brand story, we could build a world with a myriad of different scenes and stories.


The ELEMIS holiday collection is out now. It is sold in ELEMIS spas and stores, as well as in high-end retailers.

(All images via @matsitek)