Brand purpose and positioning for Currys by FutureBrand London


One masterbrand. One amazing world of technology.

The retail technology space has become more intense than ever. New business models disrupt old ways, and customer behaviours are changing, their expectations constantly heightening. Currys PC World had enormous strengths as a business with presence across the UK and Ireland, the widest range of technology on offer, a truly omnichannel offering, and passionate, expert colleagues. But despite these strengths, their brands were weakening. Shifts in customer behaviour away from the high street and greater democratising of the mobile market along with greater power to supplier brands meant it was time for Currys PC World to change too. The business needed to capitalise on their joint strengths within their portfolio (Dixons Carphone, Currys PC World, Carphone Warehouse and Team Knowhow) and come together as one brand with one unified culture. One business meant becoming one brand. Currys was chosen as the new brand name, building on the strong history of the Currys brand of selling innovative new technology since 1884.

Modern, stunning, infectiously passionate, witty, a smart cookie. The new identity also builds on the best of what the brand previously had. The new logo is circular, echoing the Currys PC World globe, while the brand becomes a clean but consistent purple. A bright world of pastel colours is used to bathe amazing technology in a warm light, and the use of circular shapes reflect the organic lines of modern technology. At the heart of the process was a fluid and collaborative working style with the Currys' team. We worked hand in hand with their in-house studio to ensure the brand was fit for purpose and could be easily rolled out across the business.

visual and verbal identity for Currys by FutureBrand London
Tone of voice and messaging for Currys by FutureBrand London
Brand and portfolio for Currys by Futurebrand London

“Moving to one brand is a huge step in our transformation and we’re supporting that with a new logo, and brand system that reflects this. We wanted to take forward the elements of our brands that work and leave behind those that don’t. The new identity is uplifting, fresh, and empowering and we’re really looking forward to seeing it come to life across all touchpoints, for customers and for colleagues when we launch our new Currys brand in October.”

Corin Mills, Head of Brand, Comms and Planning at Currys
brand architecture for retail technology sector by FutureBrand
FutureBrand create new brand architecture for Currys
Brand portfolio for Currys from FutureBrand London
FutreBrand London brand purpose and positioning retail technology sector
One brand, one unified culture for Currys from FutureBrand London
Tone of voice and messaging for retail sector from FutureBrand

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