Coutts - FutureBrand


Coutts is a UK-based private bank with over 325 years of proud history


FutureBrand is working with this iconic brand to ensure its aura continues to shine bright, restating its relevance with a refreshed brand positioning and visual expression.


Coutts last reviewed its brand in 2010 and since then much has changed in the world - especially in the world of private banking. This presented an enormous opportunity for Coutts, with the help of FutureBrand, to refresh its brand positioning and visual identity to reflect its extraordinary heritage, unmistakeable charisma and the role it wishes to play in the future, in being an indispensable partner to its clients and their families.


Thomas Coutts, who was instrumental in the bank's 18th Century growth, believed that to become indispensable to his clients, he needed to absolutely understand them. This truth guides Coutts to this very day. By cultivating a deep understanding of its customers, Coutts is able to surprise and delight its clients, meeting and exceeding their needs.

The new design celebrates how this extended family has changed and continuing to change, by bringing their stories to the surface and capturing them through enduring symbols of shared meaning and connections from past to present to future.

This truth provided a robust and inspiring platform for an incredibly exciting refresh of the way the Coutts brand looks and feels. At the heart of the visual identity refresh is the story about family - the Coutts family itself, and its extended family of colleagues and clients.


Just three months after launch, the refreshed visual identity was already beginning to shift perceptions in line with the objectives set out for it.

In January 2019, Kantar research on the new brand identity with Coutts' clients found that it had substantially increased the perception of Coutts being an ‘innovative’, ‘modern’ and ‘caring’ company.

The results suggest its updated identity will play an indispensable role in helping Coutts grow and deepen its connection with families of all types.

"I was excited when I joined the business to see a major refresh of our Coutts brand, and FutureBrand has delivered a superb vision. Their work is exemplary, and really captures the magic of what it means to be a Coutts client and true identity of the business." - Paul Fletcher, Marketing Director, Coutts

"What an incredible journey! What a team! We adore working with FutureBrand. They’ve injected so much energy, excitement and style into our beautiful band. Their passion and enthusiasm always shines through in everything they deliver for us." - Louise-Ann Peymani, Lead Brand Manager Wealth and Specialists brands, RBS