Empowering a Brand and Its People to Speak with Purpose

Global oil and gas leader ConocoPhillips had a considered approach to the energy transition, and a warm, familial culture—but their visual brand system had become outdated. While recognisably red, and possessing a distinct visual mark, the brand had no overarching visual system, making for colourful—but inconsistent—communications. With many briefs and audiences to address, their creative team wanted a toolkit to meet varying needs, while also creating a system that felt cohesive and true to the brand. FutureBrand became a trusted extension of the ConocoPhillips creative team.

Through a unified mentality and constant iteration, together, we meticulously crafted a system that reflected the brand’s true colours—fixed and flexible, warm and welcoming, and considerate of the energy transition. Then we built the principles to bring the new system across their communications. For this project, our approach was slightly different than usual. As there was no change in the current strategy, we had to define a creative narrative, with design principles to guide the visual exploration. Much of ConocoPhillips’ brand recognition was found in its iconic mark, but it didn’t have the prominence or distinction it deserved. We humanized the iconic ConocoPhillips mark, making it tangible and, in the words of the client, approachable enough to “hug,” underscoring the warm, familial culture of the company.

CP Red Posters
CP Woman Helmet
Conoco Phillips Case Study 20230815
COP Billboard
Conoco Phillips 3 D fluid
Conoco Phillips 3d precise


COP Report Interior Pages
COP Poster Sunrise
COP Report
CP Mobile 02
COP Photo Posters
COP Water Bottle 02
COP Icon Poster
COP Visual Expressions
CP Red Posters

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