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Expressing the emotion of sensitive skincare

With over 70 years of experience treating sensitive skin, Cetaphil has built a world-class reputation as a skincare brand created by dermatologists and trusted by consumers to help treat and manage skin concerns. Cetaphil partnered with FutureBrand to reimagine their global, portfolio packaging system to address growing competitive threats within the skincare category. Cetaphil wanted to build on its heritage as a trusted, dermatologist-endorsed brand but needed to meet evolving consumer needs by speaking to the emotional experience of having sensitive skin.

Insights revealed that consumers wanted access to a more bespoke and premiumised offering to target their specific concerns. We used Cetaphil’s visual eco-system and packaging as a strategic tool to deliver on this insight, evolving the existing brand across an expanded portfolio of products enabling sensitive skincare sufferers to feel in control, emotionally and practically, of their skincare journey. The new packaging design balances the emotional aspects of managing sensitive skin, being mindful of consumers' struggles while helping them navigate the portfolio of product solutions. Reinforcing the clinical elements of the products ensures the expertise and effectiveness of the brand come through.

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