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Valuing experience over possession

For generations, owning a luxury vehicle like Cadillac, signalled that you had made it big. But today’s digitally-native luxury consumers -more accustomed to the on-demand sharing economy and subscription services featured by the likes of Uber, Netflix and Rent the Runway—reject traditional forms of ownership. FutureBrand helped the iconic automaker define, articulate and launch BOOK by Cadillac, the industry’s first “vehicle subscription” service geared towards reaching this audience on their own terms. 

In order to reach this target group, we needed to challenge the traditional rules of car ownership by delivering all the benefits, and none of the drawbacks, that this experience afforded. For customers who value experience over possession, BOOK by Cadillac is an exclusive luxury membership offering all of the benefits of vehicle ownership through on-demand access to Cadillac’s premium vehicle portfolio. The program carries no commitment to lease, finance or buy a vehicle; at the same time, it doesn’t amount to ride- or car-sharing. Members will have access to a mobile and web-based application for reserving vehicles through the motor vehicle sharing service, receiving white-glove concierge pickup and delivery to their desired locations. Registration, taxes, maintenance, insurance and detailing of the Book vehicles will be handled by Cadillac.

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