Bentley - FutureBrand


Redefining British Luxury

Bentley is widely regarded as one of the world’s finest luxury automotive brands and a true British classic.

The brand had reached an important time as it planned significant growth in the coming years. Realising that updating their global brand DNA was a key part of their new journey, Bentley needed to target new markets that did not understand their heritage and therefore needed a redefined brand that was fit for purpose.


Bentley challenged FutureBrand to help them better understand the emerging global luxury consumer and redefine how Bentley looks, feels, and communicates with them.


The transformational journey started at the point where we decided to no longer follow the super premium car sector and instead, to find a new peer group amongst the world’s best luxury brands.

Everything changed from that moment. FutureBrand then set the ambition with Bentley to be listed within the top five global luxury brands by 2020.

With this in mind, we delivered an award winning reception at Crewe and have completely overhauled the retail design for over 250 dealers around the world. FutureBrand also collaborated with Bentley to produce the ‘Bentley Boutique’ and a show-stopping Motorshow design.


Along this journey, we have also helped Bentley to find a new confidence introducing ways to extend their brand and profile – the St Regis Suite in New York, Pankhurst Barbers in Mayfair and the introduction of an exclusive range of luxury ladies handbags, demonstrating its determination to become a true luxury brand and open new conversations with different super high net worth customers.

“FutureBrand absolutely understands Bentley. They are a key partner for us and consistently create exciting experiences that reflect the core of our brand.

The new retail identity carries on their fine work – going above and beyond to deliver a fantastic Bentley experience all over the world”

- Louise Burns, Head of Strategic Marketing Projects, Bentley