FutureBrand's James Martin and Gustavo Koniszczer lead expert panel in Istanbul highlighting the importance of nation branding

Posted on 12/19/2022
Future Brand Nation Branding Istanbul

Türkiye Nation Branding Forum, the country's first nation branding gathering, was held in Istanbul through December 16-17, 2022. Such a gathering of minds comes at an excellent time for the country after the UN accepted its request to change its name from Turkey to Türkiye earlier this year.

During the two-day event, a broad spectrum of scientific, academic, sectoral and socio-cultural topics was discussed via presentations, panels and events, gathering experts from across the globe in their respective fields.

Organised by Türkiye's Communications Directorate, 44 panellists from the public and private sectors and media professionals attended. The forum brought together world-renowned nation branding experts, academics and sector officials, with James Martin and Gustavo Koniszczer representing FutureBrand. James and Gustavo shared their experience on nation branding while highlighting the key findings from the industry-leading FutureBrand Country Indexes.

Global Marketing Associate Director – FutureBrand

James Martin
It was an extremely positive experience to bring together globally recognised experts in the field of nation branding to share their ideas in such a collaborative forum. Time and time again, the unique research and data from the FutureBrand Country Index show us that those countries that consistently invest in their brand can withstand unexpected global shocks and maintain their standing on the world stage.
Nation Branding Gustavo

FutureBrand was joined on stage via videolink during their presentation by Carmen Julia García from Brand Peru, who worked closely with the FutureBrand team throughout the Peru country branding project.

Managing Director - FutureBrand Hispanic America

Gustavo Koniszczer
Throughout this project, the challenge was to create a country brand that stands out, draws attention and - fundamentally - a brand able to transmit a clear promise. Together with PromPerú, the Peruvian Government's promotion agency, we defined Peru's attributes as multifaceted, specialised and captivating.
Nation Branding Carmen
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