FutureBrand Country Index 2020

Discover the strongest country brands

The FutureBrand Country Index measures the strength of perception of countries around the world in the same way we study consumer or corporate brands. Now in its second decade, the Index reorders the World Bank Top 75 countries by GDP according to brand perception strength.

Conducted six months into the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s Country Index reveals unexpected resilience during a year of crises, at least for those countries who have achieved genuine ‘country brand’ status.

Plus, we reveal new insights relating to COVID-19 and in particular domestic perceptions of how well countries have handled the virus response, including a ranking of the best handlers of the pandemic.

We also include the full rankings by dimension, complete perception dashboards for the top country brands, regional ranking, leading cities as well as the top risers for the future.

This will be of real value if you are a country brand manager or tourism, trade and investment expert keen to understand the levers you can pull for competitive advantage. It also provides valuable insights for professional brand managers and leaders seeking to further harness country of origin associations for corporate and consumer brands.