The partnership between FutureBrand Paris and Château Galoupet has resulted in the rebirth of their rosé wine with new eco packaging, crafted as a unique expression of the estate in organic conversion.

Château Galoupet Cru Classé Rosé: a pure terroir wine presented in an amber eco-glass bottle (challenging traditions of choosing Rosé by its colour) is made from 70% recycled glass vs 0% in a clear bottle and weighs 271g less than the average bottle of rosé.

FutureBrand Paris worked with the glassmaker to optimise the storytelling with an embossed illustration, and chose serigraphy for the brand identity, foregoing the need for a printed label.

“We are very pleased that Château Galoupet’s visual identity reflects our unique ecosystem and our ambition to preserve it.” - Jessica Julmy - Managing Director, Rosés De Provence Château Galoupet.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this year's awards!

Read the full Château Galoupet case study here.

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