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Moët Hennessy – Château Galoupet

Moët Hennessy – Château Galoupet

Crafted with care from ground to glass


Château Galoupet is a Cru Classé de Provence, a progressive estate with a unique ecosystem of woodland and vines, committed to crafting exceptional expressions of its terroir in the most respectful way to the environment, aiming to embody a new natural and emotional luxury for Moët Hennessy.


The ambition of Château Galoupet - a vineyard estate facing the Mediterranean Sea and the Island of Porquerolles - is to become a lighthouse of sustainability for local growers, the area of Provence, Moët Hennessy and the wider industry, while also becoming an inspiration for new generations of winemakers and drinkers. Their Nature is their inspiration. The natural elements shape the unique character of the estate and please all of the senses. One that delights our taste buds, our eyes, and our soul, and because Château Galoupet respects their land so much, they strive to give back to it more than they take. This means the visual identity, including the bottle, had to match the team’s ambition, in terms of storytelling, sustainability and distinctiveness.


In line with the philosophy of the estate, the new identity pays tribute to its land. The estate artwork, a hand-created illustration, represents the natural elements of the domain. The brand's ochre colour echoes the red earth of Provence. The quality seal integrating the moon nods to the night harvests. The dancing font follows the back and forth of the Venturi wind which enriches the vines.

The visual identity invites you to further enjoy the Provence warmth by basking you in late afternoon light when the sun is going down with its golden rays, which brings to life the lulling estate shadows. The Cru Classé de Provence is presented in an amber eco-glass bottle (defying traditions of choosing Rosé by its colour) comprising of 70% recycled glass (vs 0% in a clear bottle). The serigraphic brand identity, embossed estate artwork and the wax sealing relinquish the need for a printed label and enhances the sensoriality of the bottle.


Château Galoupet is the reflection of its land. The memory of a place. Each part of the visual identity is inspired by the vines, the wild woods, the sea and the surrounding winds as well as the passionate people of the estate.

The Cru Classé de Provence is crafted as a unique expression of the estate and encourages eco-conscious behaviours by challenging the status quo with new eco-packaging.

“We are very pleased that Château Galoupet’s visual identity reflects our unique ecosystem and our ambition to preserve it.” - Jessica Julmy - Managing Director, Rosés De Provence Château Galoupet.