At FutureBrand London, we are an agency of 60 people, and we unite experts in strategy, design, innovation and experience to harness the power of brand for growth.

Our purpose is to create a more positive future that depends on the strong values at the heart of FutureBrand since our foundation in 1999.

With offices across the globe, we are lucky to work with many exciting and well-known brands across different cultures and sectors. Some brands we’ve worked with include Bentley, Nespresso, Sephora, London 2012, ICC Cricket World Cup, NatWest, MasterCard and Nestle.

The people & Culture team play a key role in bringing to life and implementing best-in-class initiatives and programmes, including Diversity and Inclusion, well-being, learning & development and the entire employee journey.

"People are at the heart of our agency, and we are committed to providing the best for our employees." Polly Hopkins - Managing Director at FutureBrand London.
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