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A spoon full of authenticity

Since 1995, Vrai has thrived as a family-run and pioneering brand that fights for fairer agriculture practices. The innovative brand has actively participated in the creation of the French organic milk sector. Vrai prides itself on being an inclusive brand, believing that to do better, one must work hand in hand with all stakeholders in the company. While Vrai’s communications about its organic engagements were humble, its competitors became fiercer in their brand statements. This created an opportunity for FutureBrand to leverage the spontaneous authenticity that has always been true to Vrai, enabling the brand to rekindle the trust they have with its consumers and regain its position as a market leader. 

FutureBrand introduced Vrai's new identity as an oath that honours Vrai's values and history. From the slender gesture of the iconic V to the meticulousness of the proprietary illustrations. From the generous product visuals to the strong brand statements, the new brand assets have been tailor-made for Vrai and developed by hand. The new logo calls upon the past with its powerful round structure, like a seal that embodies the brand's committed and inclusive spirit. The baseline "Laiterie bio familiale" (Organic family dairy) expresses the authenticity and specificity of Vrai in an authentic and impactful way. Finally, the storytelling on each package highlights the strong messages and actions of the brand through the powerful phrase "Être bio et familial, c’est…” (Being an organic and a family-run brand means...) The new identity was awarded a Top/Com Grand Prix in France.

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“We wanted to embody a return to the roots for Vrai, to rediscover the simplicity and authenticity of the brand. Collaboration and shared values have been at the heart of our partnership to deliver a design that is both aesthetic and effective on the shelf.

Adrien Decool, Vrai Brand Manager.
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