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Make the move.

Somfy is at the heart of smart homes and buildings, providing an ecosystem of products and connected services, to make life easier, safer, and cosier for all. As a pioneer and premium leader in motorization and automation, the brand wanted its visual identity to reflect its unique mindset: a daily companion that is mindful of nature whilst keeping people at the heart of its business, endlessly moving to create spaces that are both multifunctional and uplifting. Somfy needed to better address their B2B partners by having a dedicated visual identity, consistent with the B2C one. FutureBrand Paris came up with a specific methodology: after a first series of interviews, teams got organised into different work streams, allowing Somfy’s stakeholders to co-create the best design solutions.

Somfy’s new identity reflects the positive and durable motion they create. Capitalising on its strong equity, we took the iconic “O” of the logotype, symbolising the motor’s head, and created a dynamic shape from it: the Move. A strong visual symbol that can be endlessly expanded and played with, consistent throughout all applications. We created a distinctive iconography style for B2C & B2B using soft shadows and lively atmospheres that turn into whiter lights and accentuated contrast when addressing professionals. The tailor-made working methodology generated a high-engagement level – on top of brilliant ideas. It enabled us to create a flexible system aligned with the new brand positioning and consistency, obtaining a real differentiation between B2C and B2B segments.

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Somfy design and creative services by FutureBrand
FutureBrand design connected experiences for Somfy
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“Future Brand proposed a smart, effective methodology in which everyone was able to contribute, give their input and thus easily become the best ambassadors for this identity.”

Véronique Bellevergue – Brand Experience at Somfy
Future Brand proposed a smart, effective methodology in which everyone was able to contribute
Somfy brand design and strategy by FutureBrand Paris
Somfy visual and verbal identity from FutureBrand

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