Sapians, just focus

Over the past few years, a new wealthy clientele has emerged in a highly dynamic financial landscape. Eager to understand the stakes involved in managing their wealth, this new elite felt unrepresented by existing actors: on one hand, private banks with their sometimes complex and ceremonious ways and on the other, new-generation investment platforms that have pushed the democratization of the sector to an extreme. Amid this highly competitive environment, Sapians was born with a strong ambition: to become the first investment platform enhanced by the expertise of a family office.

FutureBrand Paris has supported each step leading to the creation of this new actor, from the brand platform to the expression of its global identity. Built around a brand idea as simple as inspiring - Just Focus - it embodies a desire to disrupt the market through a unique approach: offering less but better, and above all more efficiently. The creative execution of this idea translates into an incisive, bold visual identity, driven by the "focus" symbol that develops and reinvents itself in multiple expressions. The tone of voice adopts a dynamic and reassuring attitude, always at the service of the brand's purpose: refocusing investment opportunities to support investors' success.


"Future Brand was able to help us find a highly relevant positioning and identity, consistent with the brand's image, while providing real disruption compared to what most players in traditional finance are doing. It's a point that our customers often raise, and it's a positive one!"

Aurore Perrin - Chief Marketing Officer

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