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A playground for beauty experiences

With over 30 years of experience, locations around the globe and billions in revenue, this fast fashion icon Forever 21 partnered with FutureBrand to create new revenue streams by attracting Millennial beauty aficionados through the creation of a standalone brand: Riley Rose. Linda and Esther Chang, daughters of Forever 21’s founders, conceived the new brand to offer digitally native millennial and Gen Z consumers an immersive and social media influenced retail experience. They needed a brand and in-store experience that would encourage younger consumers to come to the mall and purchase in person.

We created a brand that stood for inclusiveness, playfulness and discovery. We brought the new-to-world brand to life in-store by designing an immersive and connected experience. While beauty is the brand’s entry point, Riley Rose also offers a variety of unusual products to further delight consumers and share their experiences with friends online. This interactive strategy and journey play a dual role: delighting in-store shoppers while enticing new ones to experience the brand for themselves. Less than six months after its launch Riley Rose opened its first brick-and-mortar retail store in LA’s Glendale Galleria mall. Eight additional locations, as well as an e-commerce site built to recreate the in-store experience, opened and were online in the months to follow. The brand’s launch has been a huge success with over 31,000 new Instagram followers in under two months.

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"Aimed at an explorative customer who wants to discover innovative products and experiences, FutureBrand have created a playground for beauty enthusiasts with the Riley Rose stores"

A1 Retail Magazine
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