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Pet Center Marginal was eager to lead the market with a unique brand experience. To make this possible, FutureBrand was called to shape a brand that is made not only for people but also for their pets. We needed to understand what’s important to pets and their owners, and how to connect the new brand and its customers in a fun and affectionate way. What started as a challenge turned out to be a great opportunity: the chance of creating the first pet shop as lively as pets themselves.At first, FutureBrand developed a new positioning, name, and tagline. Since the original name was attached to the store’s location in São Paulo, we evolved it to the shorter and cleaner “Petz.” The brand came to life with a ‘pet-like’ visual identity.

The letters from the logo aren’t just static elements, but living beings with personalities of their own: P is the sleepyhead, E is a happy puppy, T is the naughty one, and Z is an adorable grumpy. These characters are used throughout the brand’s communications to build a connected experience and reinforce its fun personality on different touch points. The new brand can now be experienced in over forty stores located in five different Brazilian states. Petz is now the second-biggest pet retailer in Brazil. Its goal is to become the biggest pet shop operation in Latin America and one of the five largest in the world by 2020.

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"We initially started thinking of a brand for Brazil, but we ended up creating a brand that can be used anywhere in the world"

Sérgio Zimmerman, CEO Petz
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