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Peru decided to start its country brand-building process as part of an off-shore promotion strategy; boosting the commercial sectors with greater international exposure for tourism, exports and foreign investment attraction. FutureBrand took on the exciting mission of understanding an iconic country in terms of culture, gastronomy, natural beauty and the birth of South American civilisations. The challenge was to create a country brand that stands out, draws attention and able to transmit a clear promise. Peru stimulates the senses with its overflowing natural diversity. A unique country with an abundance of attractions, benefits and opportunities that are scarce anywhere else in the world. Together with PromPerú, the Peruvian Government's promotion agency, FutureBrand defined Peru's attributes: multifaceted, specialised and captivating.

"There is a Peru for each and everyone" welcomes visitors and investors from all over the world to new and modern Peru, reflecting all its splendour, diversity and hospitality. The identity is focused around the word 'Peru', an inclusive name that does not belong to any specific culture, but is a product of junctions, mixtures and desires. The spiral used to write the country's name evokes past civilizations and at the same time projects the country to the future. Country brand Peru has been very well received with a 93% public acceptance rate. The brand is constantly being applied in several fields, achieving recognition and appreciation all over the world, and it's taken as a global benchmark in industry forums and conferences.

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"A once-in-a-lifetime case, very close to our hearts, not only due the responsibility and honour of having created this incredible success story, but for achieving it in a truly open and collaborative manner. Changing paradigms along the way, by inviting and embracing each Peruvian as an ambassador."

Laura Alfano, Brand Strategy Director
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