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“Let’s rethink our habits.”

Re is a platform that unites Nestlé’s main initiatives to rethink the environmental impact of their packaging and communication: a system to communicate the technological innovations that have already been developed and the ones that will arise while inviting consumers to engage in sustainability causes and contribute their own part towards the journey. FutureBrand created Re as a brand platform, with its own ton of voice, logo and visual elements, thinking about the practical application of packages and communication. There were defined format standards to the applications on the front and back of the packaging – taking the different shapes' specifications into account. To engage the customers to do their part, Nestlé Brasil also included a partnership with their collector’s cooperatives on the back panel.

In addition, we've organized a brand book to communicate Nestlé’s Sustainable purpose and principles. The name “Re” is a prefix to words such as rethink, recycle, reduce, reuse, recreate (an efficient resource in Portuguese and that can be translated to other languages). Each variation represents a different stage of Nestlé’s Sustainable communication evolution. The logo and the visual universe clearly refer to sustainability, with the leaf form and green colour predominance. The universe expands with icons that symbolise the different stages and initiatives that could be adopted by Re in its future developments. Initially created for the Brazilian market, Re has been adopted by other Latin American countries and will eventually be globally implemented by the Nestlé brands that create innovative solutions for their brand purpose. PRIZES BDA 2020 – Bronze

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“Joining efforts in favour of initiatives that rethink the environmental impact is fundamental for the sustainability of any business”

Nelio Bernardelli, FutureBrand São Paulo’s Team Leader
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