Designing mutualism in motion

La Matmut is an insurance company firmly rooted in France, with more than 450 branches and 4 million members in 2020. Embracing the pioneering mutualism movement of the 1950s founded on a mutual benefit. The ambition of its founder, Paul Bennetot, was to offer a mutualist and non-profit alternative to private-sector insurance. Proud of this strong heritage, La Matmut and its employees have since committed to developing the mutualist values of proximity, solidarity and humanity.

In 2022 FutureBrand was tasked to embody La Matmut's new era and positioning: a mutualism in motion. The new visual identity needed to maintain a link with Matmut’s former one, paying tribute to 60 years of legacy. The typography was specifically designed to reveal the human connection; the lowercase "m" embodies proximity, while the deep blue reassures and anchors the brand status. The symbol acts as a unifier, bringing together the petals, each distinctive but forming a whole and highlighting the dynamism of a colourful and inclusive France. This new identity was deployed across the entire brand universe for enhanced consistency. Dedicated fonts - including creating a proprietary "Mammut" alphabet - give rhythm to the brand territory. The petals – extracted from the symbol – unfold to create the visual system in motion and are easily adaptable to all formats. The photographic and illustrative styles seek to represent the every day, capturing straightforward and spontaneous glimpses of life.

Matmut board 2
Matmut book 6

"We are pleased to have succeeded, with FutureBrand's support, in meeting our major challenge, which was to deploy a brand image anchored in our founding mutualist principles and to show pride in our values and commitments

Stéphanie Boutin, Deputy General Manager of CSR and Communication for the Matmut Group.
Matmut sheets 8

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