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Ludique Superstore


With little over a decade in the Brazilian market, the children's shoe store Ludique bets on the ludic experience to delight parents and children. With the challenge of creating a new store and evolving the brand experience, making room for growth connected to purpose, FutureBrand sought insight into the stories, care, and memories of the founders, based on the premise that the store can be a contemporary and exciting space without leaving behind the history of the brand.


We take advantage of all the power of the brand's playful universe to drive the transformation of the customer's journey, and each space has a purpose and contributes to the theatrical atmosphere of the store. The whole idea was centred on the fact that it was not just a planet anymore but a universe. It brings together kids and parents, teenagers and new iconic brands, toys and clothing.

The first step was changing the name and logo of the brand. Before, called “Ludique et Baldin”, it was modernised to “Ludique” in a more straightforward and transparent way. The change also occurred in the typography. Sans Serif, with slightly curved terminals, conveys traditionality, confidence and competence to its consumers. Another fundamental element of the playful concept of the brand's personality is the reference to the hot air balloon in the letter "Q".


Enchantment is in Ludique's DNA. Therefore, entering the store must be like travelling in a balloon to a magical place. For this, some architectural elements were essential for creating this fun, stimulating, modern scenario. By creating a giant balloon as a centrepiece, we invite people in to play and create stories. Each piece of furniture adds to the experience, from the hotel-like visual merchandising carts to the playful dotted walls.

All furniture and scenography in the store were designed to be functional and dynamic. The store flows through two axes parallel to the central axis with mobile displays, making the layout more flexible and creating a circulation around the main scenography: the big Ludique balloon. On the perimeter walls of the store, there are modular displays: a versatile and replicable fitting system allowing the store to diversify product combinations with just a few components. This module also makes the most of the store’s area allowing for storage behind the panels.


Being the first children's multi-brand sneaker shop in Brazil brings a natural business edge to a commoditised market, creating a reason for the family to visit the store and try not only shoes but toys, candy, books and much more. A lot more interesting than buying a discounted shoe online. Also, The Sneaker Store connects with the overall aesthetic but with a more teen-appealing design, merging the rectilinear geometric shape of the shelves with highlighted shoe displays in iconic shapes.

We want the parents to have fun with their kids in a nostalgic, inspiring, worry-free environment. The store provides areas for experience and discovery, not just shelves full of products. All the products and scenography are there to be tried and tested for the adults and kids to interact and create special memories.