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Coffee and bees: a beautiful combination

Nescafé, AgroBee Institute and NovoMel joined forces to honor a key player in coffee production cycle: the bees. And, to tell this beautiful story, Nestlé created Nescafé Origens do Brasil Colméia, a product designed with the purpose of collaborating, protecting, and taking care of the bees. Our challenge was to create a playful, attractive, engaging, and reusable packaging, that reflected innovation, sustainability and “ethical luxury”, with a clear and inviting storytelling focused on bees and sustainability.

While mimicking a honeycomb and establishing a connection with hives, the hexagonal packaging optimizes its usability, reducing empty spaces and increasing transport efficiency. Regarding upcycling, the base was developed to become a cachepot after its usage, becoming a vase for plants, making the audience part of the story, as bees need flowers to feed themselves. The botanical illustration style also evokes the bucolic feeling of the countryside, bringing people closer to the farms.

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“The idea that the container becomes a vase for plants brings the audience into the story. As bees need flowers to feed themselves, the consumer can collaborate with bees in the production cycle.”

Pablo Vivo, Project Leader and Designer, FutureBrand São Paolo
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