Colmeia - FutureBrand



In 2021, Nescafe, AgroBee Institute, and NovoMel joined forces to honour a fundamental coffee producer: the bees. To tell this story, the special line Nescafé Origins of Brazil Colmeia was created. A product designed with the purpose of collaborating, protecting, and caring for bees.


We created a playful, attractive, engaging and reusable packaging that reflects innovation, sustainability and “ethical luxury”, with clear and inviting storytelling.


The hexagonal packaging reflects its essence: bees and sustainability. While mimicking the honeycombs and making the connection with the hives, it optimises the use of the package's interior, reducing empty space and increasing transport efficiency. The botanical illustration style also evokes the bucolic feeling of the countryside to the table, bringing people closer to the farms.


The packaging raised awareness towards the coffee production chain and the importance of bees in it. Also, to address sustainability through upcycling, the packaging base was made to become another item after its original usage, creating a second life for the packaging. For example, the packaging can be used as a flower vase, inviting the consumer to be part of the brand's storytelling, inviting bees back to be fed from the flowers the packaging may now hold.