CHEERIOS - FutureBrand


A new hoop, ready to conquer the world


FutureBrand were given the opportunity to partner with Cereal Partners Worldwide in order to develop a new identity system that anchors the CHEERIOS® brand into the power of a positive mindset.


At the genesis of the project, FutureBrand started by conducting a strategic analysis to determine the meaning and opportunities for CHEERIOS® and therefore successfully communicate CHEERIOS®' inherent iconicity.

The conclusions helped us draw a clear roadmap for the creative exploration.


The result is a playful, joyful and positive brand universe.

The CHEERIOS® hoop has now become the centre of the visual system, the carrier of its iconicity.

This global brand redesign started with the core portfolio, followed by a global rollout across the other breakfast cereal formats within which the brand operates (oats, organic, cereal bars etc). The new brand universe was embodied through a playful and flexible brand book, so that all global stakeholders could creatively adopt it and therefore become their most fervent ambassadors.

A launch campaign has also been created by FutureBrand, in order to reassure loyal consumers on taste and that the CHEERIOS® they know, and love is unchanged. This campaign has been translated through several media touchpoints, digital videos, animated banners, website content, social media, activations...

CHEERIOS® is now ready to hoop the world for many years to come.


"What an amazing journey to revealing CHEERIOS®’ iconicity by making of the hoop our greatest asset and by shedding the spotlight on its inherent joy and positivity!"

Doriane Naufle, Creative Director, FutureBrand.

“What a wonderful opportunity we have had to collaborate with CPW on this family favourite! By celebrating the distinctive CHEERIOS® hoop, we have created a vibrant, contemporary new identity system that jumps for joy off the shelf and playfully engages across the wider brand ecosystem.”

Marshall Ward, Senior Vice President, FutureBrand.