Re-enchanting the baby food category


Since the economic downturn of 2008, the baby food category in France has been in bad shape, and Bledina has not gotten away unscathed. Consumer habits towards food are shifting due to increased distrust towards industrial food brands and a rising interest of parents in feeding their children home-cooked, natural/ non-processed foods.


Bledina faced the challenge of reconnecting with their current and future consumers and crafting the future not only of the brand but of the entire baby food category.


FutureBrand worked hand in hand with Bledina to re-define its brand purpose and from there developed a strong and compelling FutureBrand brand idea resting on the important role Bledina can play in the development of a child's senses during the first 1000 days of their lives. With this new brand idea Bledina facilitates a strong bond between child and parent. Futurebrand then brought to life the future of Bledina using the purpose and the brand idea as a filter and guiding key stakeholders through the future of the brands products / services creating inspiring guardrails for Bledina's future.

FutureBrand then translated this new brand idea into a new visual identity, tone of voice and more importantly a complete revisited packaging experience to promote baby’s discovery of his senses and nature. It’s all about the first times, and Bledina is now the expert.


The clients' response to their new brand was overwhelmingly positive;

"It's a brand that is natural, joyful and that makes sense. We really play on the word 'sense' because we are all about 'developing senses for life' but it's also a brand that makes sense."

“It's surprising, inspiring, beautiful, inventive and accurate. It's very engaging"