Blédina - FutureBrand


Re-enchanting the baby food category

FutureBrand and Blédina have collaborated closely for over five years. From building the Blédina brand platform to developing their global organic range, we helped to establish them as France’s baby-food category leader with a positioning that is reflected throughout their global brand identity and core packaging designs.


Parents want the best for their children - quality, transparency without any compromise. They want healthy food, locally produced, with few, simple ingredients.

Blédina partnered with FutureBrand to help change them into a brand grasping these new consumer behaviors and expectations, whilst showcasing the farmers and producers behind the brand, dedicated to cultivating healthy products for our loved ones. As the French baby-food category leader, it was important for a big brand like Blédina to embrace a big mission.


FutureBrand took the creative opportunity to evolve Blédina across four key areas of the brand:

Brand assets; FutureBrand gave a major role to the logotype by giving it a coherent and more prominent place across all packaging. With a hand-woven feel, the new logo implies the bond that exists between the brand and its engagements towards parents, farmers and partners

Personality codes; Seen throughout all touch points, the adaptable green frieze, handwritten typography, transparent tone of voice, and Blédina’s beloved ladybird, all come together to create a clear and coherent look & feel

Baby centricity; The photographic style pays tribute to children awakening their senses in nature. Mixing illustration and photography of fruit & vegetables aross all touchpoints, highlighting moments with Blédina as a playful, simple and educational treat

Craftsmanship and simplicity; We present the Blédina brand with simply cooked products in a familiar and authentic environment (napkin, kettle, wooden spoon…) to anchor the brand in a homemade, healthy and appealing atmosphere.


Blédina is now the most prominent opinion leader in the baby food category, with a brand that delivers upon a strong purpose throughout all of Blédina’s brand experiences. As a result, Blédina became the first French company and brand to obtain thehighest social and environmental distinction worldwide: The B-Corp label.