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An energy that renews and drives us.

From the merge of Votorantim Energia and CPP Investments, Auren was born, a brand which aims to become the largest platform for the commercialization of clean and renewable energy in Brazil. Targeting to transform the energy that renews and drives people, Auren presented us with the challenge of translating its essence into visual elements to build a remarkable identity. The result was a design created to bring synergy between purpose and experience, starting from a central idea: the Mobius strip. The concept is present in the symbol that, by representing the initial of the brand’s name, also highlights the cycle of renewable energy, conveying the driving energy that comes from the brand and pours out, impacting everyone.

In the graphics, the mix of colors expresses the intense energy of different renewable sources, and the translucent shape symbolizes a transparent, sustainable, and environmentally responsible business model. The curved typography and lowercase writing bring the human side of the brand, which is complemented by the color palette that represents energy through the warm and vibrant hue of pink that contrasts with blue and other complementary colors.

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“The new company is prepared to address the challenges of the energy transition and the transformations in the energy sector. It is a new integrated platform that includes a portfolio of clean and renewable energy generation assets”

Fabio Zanfelice, President and director, Auren Energia
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