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ApexBrasil is Brazil’s trading promotion organization, granting Brazilian companies access to international markets. The project goal was to intensify its efforts to attract local producers, drive the market forward and overcome barriers, since the ApexBrasil identity was perceived as a governmental division, lacking personality and recognition. By changing the brand strategy and tone of voice, we gave ApexBrasil a more independent visual identity that attracts producers from all kinds of sectors.

We decided to create an identity that moved away from the Brazilian cliché and aimed at the Brazilian authenticity. We brought the Brazilian geometric aesthetic, not so well known internationally, but definitely a national treasure, inspired by the original work of great Brazilian creatives like Athos Bulcão, Lygia Clark and Rubem Ludolf. The use of these shapes generated a rich, flexible and dynamic system that is easy to use with infinite possibilities. We also designed a “Brasil” logo using the visual identity shapes to be the country brand at expos, fairs and events. Now, ApexBrasil has an identity that conveys modernity and credibility with a touch of the Brazilian way.

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“The new identity of ApexBrasil celebrates Brazilian diversity, authenticity, and originality. With it, we achieve the goal of sparking interest from investors around the world, attracting investment to the Brazilian industry, and contributing to the development of the country's future”

Lucas Machado, FutureBrand São Paulo’s director and partner
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