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Aerolíneas Argentinas

Aerolíneas Argentinas

Back to its place


The argentine government arrives at FutureBrand with the challenge of relaunching the brand of the airline of the country’s flag carrier: Aerolíneas Argentinas. The company ended a traumatic stage of several years and needed to reconnect with its public. The objective was to create a unique and differential experience for the consumer as well as a new portfolio and a new visual identity to accompany and represent the positioning of the brand.


FutureBrand had to intervene a brand much loved by the argentines, with a great history and an important amount of assets that had eroded in recent times.


The strategy work included a meticulous process of detecting the key attributes that would define the new brand. After a total immersion in the company, the consumer, the affiliates and employees, the new tagline "Alta en el Cielo" (Soaring in the sky) was created, through which the idea of national pride was transmitted. Subsequently, all contact points that relate the consumer to the brand were designed: from the offices to the livery and interiors of the aircraft.


The new identity of Aerolíneas Argentinas represents a new time for the company, with a renewed fleet, the launching of new routes and a substantial improvement in the quality of service, so that the airline occupies a place of preference among travelers from all over the world.