Following on from our series on brands we wanted to shine light on for being virtuous in a time of uncertainty, today we have three more stellar examples of Brazilian brands who are helping in their own ways towards the bigger picture.

O Boticário, Granado, Natura, and Avon donate hygiene projects to low-income communities in Brazil

Brazilian cosmetics companies are donating hygiene products to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. O Boticário has announced the donation of 1.7 tons of alcohol gel to the Curitiba City Health Department (Paraná State). The product contains 78% ethanol and is part of the Cuide-se Bem line.

Granado, in its turn, donated 4 thousand liters of liquid soap – of which half will be donated to five Unicef projects aimed at vulnerable children and adolescents in Rio de Janeiro. The other half will be distributed among different communities and institutions.

In a joint action, Natura and Avon have donated 2.8 million units of bar soap and liquid soap to low-income communities in the surrounding cities where they operate in Brazil and other Latin American countries.

Latam and Gol offer healthcare professionals free transport

The two largest air transportation companies in the country will transport healthcare professionals involved in the fight against Coronavirus for free. Their list includes doctors, nurses, psychologists, and dieticians from all over the country who need to travel around Brazil to provide care for those who have the diseases caused by the Novel Coronavirus.

Mercado Livre visual branding

The e-commerce platform has temporarily changed its visual identity - an adaptation of its current positioning - to encourage people to avoid physical contact and guide people not to buy beyond what is necessary. Also, Mercado Livre will extend the payment of the instalments of those credit agreements that are due in March, without charging interest rates or fines. Together with the Brazilian Red Cross, it has created a donation platform on its website to mobilise funds that will be used to purchase and distribute hygiene kits and information material in train/subway stations and socially vulnerable areas. Mercado Livre contributed by donating the equivalent of 15,000 packages.

We’ll feature more examples of wholehearted brands each week, and feel free to suggest other examples you think are worth celebrating via our social media channels.

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