Following on from yesterday's spotlight on brands we wanted to shine light on for being virtuous in a time of uncertainty, today we have three more stellar examples of brands who are helping in their own ways towards the bigger picture.

Decathlon converts snorkelling masks into ventilators to help Italian coronavirus patients

With Italy struggling to contain the rapid spread of Coronavirus, the sporting goods giant Decathlon is working with Isinnova - an Italian research institute - to redesign its Easybreath product to be used as an emergency ventilator mask. Easybreath - originally made as an underwater mask - has been adapted using design and 3D printing to form a new connection between the ventilator and the mask, meaning they can now be used in hospitals around the world.

“The prototype as a whole has been tested on one of our colleagues directly inside the Chiari Hospital, connected to the ventilator body, and has proven to be correctly working. The hospital itself was enthusiastic about the idea and decided to test the device on a patient in need. The testing was successful.” Isinnova said.

A fantastic example of the intended use of a product pivoted towards an essential current need, not only in Italy, but potentially the rest of the world. Along with the snorkelling masks being converted into life saving ventilators, full instructions and video demonstrations have been produced so health professionals can buy a mask and build the conversion themselves.

UK cruise firm Saga offers two ships as floating hospitals

Mirroring action taken in the late 19th century when ships were moored near Greenwich to assist the rise in patients needing life saving treatment during a smallpox epidemic, Saga have offered two of their luxury cruise ships to be used as floating hospitals during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

The two ships on offer have recently been withdrawn from commercial activities due to the high risk nature of the contained vessels and the average age of Saga's customers falling into the 'high risk' category. Saga have proposed to the UK government the chance to utilise the floating spaces to potentially house over 2,600 people in a makeshift hospital setting.

With the current self isolation rules being imposed by the UK Government, and Saga facing a direct hit to their business due to cancellations and removal of their services, this has been the perfect time for Saga to flip things around and share their assets with the wider community.

Global Culture Sites Are Live-Streaming to Help Boost Your Mood

As the world adapts to the continuous social changes that are evolving, social distancing is at the top of each government and citizen's priorities. With a simple suggestion of avoiding contact with anyone and keeping a distance of at least 2m if you have to venture outside for an essential trip, self-isolation is now the new daily norm. This has raised concerns of mental wellbeing due to lack of interaction and stimulation. Google's 'Museum Views' feature has been doing the rounds amongst WhatsApp groups throughout the world recently, allowing users to get their daily dose of culture from the safety of their own home.

With hundreds of museums, galleries, temples, shrines and more on offer, this is the perfect way to spend your Sunday afternoon knowing that you're helping the greater cause and avoiding all public contact. Maybe even a chance to buddy up with your other half and explore the Château du Moulin together, virtually, of course.

We’ll feature more examples of wholehearted brands each week, and feel free to suggest other examples you think are worth celebrating via our social media channels.

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