FutureBrand Global CEO Nick Sykes has announced the appointment of Stephen Barber to the role of Chief Experience Officer.

FutureBrand are pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen Barber as Chief Experience Officer for FutureBrand. Stephen will be responsible for leading and growing FutureBrand's brand-led customer experience offer to help our clients strengthen the link between brand purpose and the everyday experiences they give their customers.

Stephen has more than 20 years’ experience working across a range of brand, product and digital agencies, including PwC, Conran, Interbrand and Digitas, and has previously worked at FutureBrand in London, New York, and Melbourne.

"As our clients are increasingly interested in how to create meaningful and measurable outcomes from the challenges they set us, Stephen’s experience will be invaluable in making sure that we can demonstrate the tangible benefits of our work."

Nick Sykes Global CEO, FutureBrand

"I’m very pleased and grateful to be back at FutureBrand in a new role that really demonstrates our commitment to connecting purposeful brands to memorable customer experiences. The reality is that we’re already doing this in many of our offices, and so this is a great opportunity to build out the offer, and make sure that we’re using experience-led thinking and design at the heart of all our work."

Stephen Barber Chief Experience Officer, FutureBrand

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