FutureBrand’s work with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) on their new competition, The Hundred, has been shortlisted at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, in the Entertainment Lions for Sport / Fan Engagement category.

The Entertainment Lions for Sport celebrates the creativity that taps into fan culture and leverages the power of sports and eSports in connecting people to brands.

The ECB came to us with the task of injecting new life into cricket after they found interest and fan engagement in the sport was declining. We needed to amplify this new competition as a global sports entertainment brand with mass appeal built into its DNA, to draw in more diverse audiences than ever.

Cannes 2

The Hundred is the first tournament of its kind in the world. Full of dynamism, it injected cricket with a burst of energy, sparking the interest of audiences who had never engaged with the sport before.

By challenging the existing perceptions of cricket and crafting a new narrative for the sport, The Hundred invites everyone - especially children and their families, of all ethnic backgrounds - to fall in love with the game at its intense, incredible best.

The Hundred launched in Summer 2021 and after its huge success, it will return in August 2022.

Read more about our work for The Hundred here.

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