FutureBrand São Paulo announces Ewerton Mokarzel as CEO and Hélio Mariz de Carvalho as Founder

Posted on 04/07/2022
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This movement marks the consolidation of FutureBrand as an ecosystem oriented toward the conception of connected brand experiences. Ultimately, this expands our activities and enables a multi-specialist vision in the creation of future-proof brands.

For Hélio Mariz de Carvalho, FutureBrand São Paulo is not the same as it was twenty years ago. “It would not be an exaggeration to say that we are not the same as we were a few months ago. Change is part of our essence, it is what allows us to co-create the future we believe in” observes the founding partner. After completing two decades of operation in Brazil, the brand-led business transformation company FutureBrand announces changes to its executive board, introducing Ewerton Mokarzel as CEO, Hélio Mariz de Carvalho as Founder and Cesar Hirata as Chairman.

"It's remarkable how much we've grown in recent years. I'm certain this is the result of a strategy dedicated to creating a more positive future for all. It has been FutureBrand's intrinsic view towards tomorrow to experiment - without fear - and create new ways for brands to relate to people, which has brought us here and will continue to take us forward" reflects Mokarzel. A partner since 2011, the Executive Creative Director will assume the role of CEO in April.

The change is the first step in a journey of transition in which Hélio Mariz de Carvalho and Cesar Hirata must lead the process of structuring FutureBrand São Paulo's governance. The new board of directors will be composed of these two partners and the new CEO, with partners and directors Karen Fontana, Daniel Alencar and André Matias also becoming board members.

The future of branding

Sustaining strong growth is the “north” for FutureBrand's evolution strategy, which presents a new way of thinking about brands – oriented towards the design of experiences. With a focus on creating iconic moments, FutureBrand São Paulo's objective is to promote collective and multi-specialist intelligence to connect all brand touchpoints.

For FutureBrand, branding is the convergence between all expressions, only possible from a deep and ecosystemic view capable of making businesses stand out, which will guide the movements that establish them in the present and into the future. In this sense, themes such as sustainability, diversity and inclusion have guided its actions – neutralising its carbon emissions from 2021 and inviting brands to increase the positive impact of each project carried out.

Mokarzel believes that balancing purpose and experience is the key to building future-proof brands. "We orient decisions based on the analysis of evidence, we observe performance and adjust the route. Technology is a fundamental part of our work process, in which data points to opportunities and creativity generates insights and new ideas" he observes.

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