FutureBrand are excited to share the first details of its ongoing work with Kerzner International: refreshing the brand identity for Atlantis, Dubai. As the group prepare to open their second Dubai property - Atlantis, The Royal - they asked FutureBrand to refresh the Atlantis identity, which hasn’t changed since the opening of the original property, The Palm, in 2008.

FutureBrand have updated the Atlantis master brand identity to make it feel more contemporary whilst ensuring it will work across different properties and ventures as the group expands in the future. The work has included a sensitive refresh of the Atlantis wordmark by shaving off the serifs whilst retaining the elegance of the original ‘thick and thin’ typography.

FutureBrand have also created a new bespoke typeface and suite of iconography, all visually linked to the gentle arcs within the Atlantis logo and The Palm’s distinctive architecture, as well as photography and illustration guidelines.

All of these elements work together to create a cohesive visual system that brings a new level of consistency to the Atlantis brand, both within individual properties and across the wider portfolio.

FutureBrand are continuing to work with the group on Atlantis, The Royal and are looking forward to sharing a more in-depth overview of the creative work across the Atlantis portfolio in due course.

Vice President of Marketing & PR, Atlantis

Hanan Eissa
Stepping into a new decade we needed a fresh take on Atlantis, that captured our mission to be extraordinary in everything that we do. Our brand is fun, creative and experiential, which really needed to reflect in our trademark and branding. Working with the team at FutureBrand was a great journey, one of inner reflection and complete collaboration to take Atlantis into this new exciting chapter – and most importantly delivering on our promise of taking our guests A World Away From Their Everyday.
Atlantis Brand Identity Future Brand 4
Atlantis Brand Identity Future Brand 5
Atlantis Brand Identity Future Brand 6
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