FutureBrand partners with Governor Andrew Cuomo to visualise official CDC guidance for COVID-19

Posted on 04/23/2020
Nina Chakrabarti Future Brand

This week, FutureBrand’s initiative launched in support of Governor Cuomo’s communication team to promote the latest CDC guidance across New York State’s key digital channels. Reaching over half a million followers, FutureBrand’s team along with Snyder New York’s network of illustrators, artists and designers volunteered their craft to create dynamic, visual illustrations that clearly depict guidance on masks and social distancing.

As the COVID-19 crisis continued to unfold in New York, FutureBrand engaged the Governor’s office to support their priority communication initiatives. Governor Cuomo’s office requested graphics optimised for digital social channels that would clearly and effectively reach and educate their diverse audience.

Chief Creative Officer, Corporate - FutureBrand New York

Wally Krantz
At FutureBrand we believe design should serve people across socio-economic levels, languages, and age groups. We wanted to bring clarity to a vastly changing situation through design and empower people with the information they need to protect themselves & their loved ones.

Over the coming weeks the Governor will continue to share these visual illustrations. Follow @futurebrandglobal for the latest updates on this initiative.

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