FutureBrand Paris elected Branding Agency of the Year at the 42nd “Grand Prix des Agences de l’Année”

Posted on 01/26/2022
Future Brand Paris

The 42nd Grand Prix des Agences de l’Année ceremony, on the theme of resilience and CSR, took place on Thursday 13 January and was broadcast live on www.lesagencesdelannee.com.

Traditionally sponsored by the French Ministry of Culture and placed under the aegis of the main professional associations, numerous market institutions and the professional press, this award, founded 42 years ago, was born from a desire to distinguish the most successful and emerging communication brands, based on different criteria: from turnover to client loyalty. This year, the criteria have been adapted to better take into account the resilience of agencies and their contribution to CSR for brands and companies. A survey was conducted and supervised by a selection committee made up of independent specialists.

Managing Director of FutureBrand Paris

Jérôme Lhermenier
We are honoured to receive this award, which recognises the great work accomplished by our teams in a sanitary context that continues to be unusual. We will stay focused and pursue our commitment to enable all our clients who trust us on a daily basis to build the brands of tomorrow.
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