During this year's Touchpoint Awards, FutureBrand Milan won the Jury Special Award for their ACF Fiorentina identity work.

This recognition acknowledges FutureBrand’s work with the Florentine football Club, aiming at repositioning the brand and creating a new visual identity able to bring the club back to the international football arena.

The strategic phase marked ACF Fiorentina’s shift from a historic club to a global brand, inspired by a wide and international community, with two goals: to expand the relationship with fans and supporters and to attract the best of Italian and global sponsorship.

“During this project, we empathised a lot with the client, but also with customers, who in this case are the Club’s fans. Football is often perceived as a sort of religion in Italy and working with a football club has been a wonderful challenge, trying both to be respectful and able to draw the essence of the fanbase to lead the brand towards the club’s ambition at an international level.”

Christian Trabucco, Senior Account Executive at FutureBrand Milan

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