The FutureBrand Future of Food 2020-21 report is dedicated to the analysis of macro and micro-trends that will affect the food industry globally.

Read The Future of Food report here: English | Italian | Spanish

The study, carried out by the Italian office of the FutureBrand network, investigates the impact of new lifestyles - including the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 - on nutrition, and how brands are preparing themselves to meet these new needs.

We studied and analysed the emerging trends connected to food and its consumption, as well as the different global markets, while interviewing industry professionals in Italy and abroad. The result are 5 macro-trends that will affect the industry globally.

Future of Food 2

The topics analysed by the report were selected with the aim of helping food operators take a comprehensive look at the scenario, not from above, but from within the market, so to be closer to consumers and respond to their new needs efficiently and consistently.

Each macro-trend is supported by examples of innovative projects considered benchmarks worldwide; they show how smart brands are quickly responding to changes.

The journey began in 2020, the year zero for many sectors including the food industry. A year of suspension, but at the same time of change, which required us to stop and reflect on the changes in consumer behaviour and attitude. It is, in fact, a shift capable of guiding the purchasing drivers of the coming years.

Read The Future of Food report here: English | Italian | Spanish

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The Report has involved a number of food professionals such as: Alessandra Corsi, Conad; Andrea Malservisi, Barilla; Carlo Mangini, Consorzio Parmigiano Reggiano; Rafael Osterling, Chef (Peru); Marianna Palella, Citrus; Matteo Sarzana, Deliveroo Italy; Xinmin Liang, former Head of Market Research department of Yili Health Drinks Division; Jizeng Ye, Deputy General Manager Guangzhou Wuanglao JI Great Health Industry Co.; Yuki Liu, General Manager of Facility Agriculture Division & Deputy General Manager of Fresh Fruit Marketing Division Haisheng Group. The summary of their valuable insights is contained in the Report.

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