On Tuesday 4th of April, FutureBrand London welcomed a group of five students from HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem, The Netherlands. The students reached out to us, hoping to visit the London offices and better understand the role of brand strategy and our processes.

HAN students 2

The students are currently working on a re-branding project for a healthcare business, all following a minor in strategic branding, with each specialising in a different path from marketing and sales, to creative business and communication.

The London strategy team held a 2-hour session, during which they provided a deep dive into what we do at FutureBrand and a snippet of our processes. The afternoon started with a brief introduction by Jon Tipple, Global Chief Strategy Officer, to inspire them, then a presentation and workshop activity to get them thinking about their projects. The students learned about FutureBrand’s goal to help brands become truly distinctive and relevant. They heard from team members across different levels about the role of a strategist as a philosopher, coach, scientist, and artist and took part in a short group exercise on their project using the MERCK case study as inspiration. They got the opportunity throughout the session to ask questions about FutureBrand, our work and advice for their own careers before receiving a tour of the office space and building. The students told the team they left inspired and excited to apply some of their learnings to their own work.

As part of our commitment to supporting the next generation of minds, this visit was held as part of our FutureMinds initiative. Sessions like these are a great opportunity for us at FutureBrand to nurture creative talent from all walks of life and backgrounds and empower students to explore their options by accessing the knowledge within teams! Following the session, our speakers, Roxy, Maddi and Cam, opened the door for students to get in touch for advice and a review of their project. FutureBrand London has already made plans with their tutor to offer a similar experience to upcoming cohorts in the coming years.

HAN students 3
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