FutureBrand launch #TooCloseForCovid, a fun social distancing campaign to make coming out of lockdown less scary - and we want others to steal it

Posted on 05/13/2020
Too Close For Covid Hero

Today FutureBrand have launched a new charitable campaign - #TooCloseforCovid - to help reinforce key social distancing guidelines in ways that reduce anxiety and confusion. After all, who knows how far 2-metres really is?

The timely launch follows government announcements from around the world that lockdown restrictions will gradually start to ease and aims to support both individuals and businesses as they navigate new ways to work, socialise, exercise and shop.

The not-for-profit initiative seeks to reinforce responsible distancing behaviour by borrowing from the world of car bumper stickers with the playful slogan “If you can read this, you’re too close for COVID”. Using a font size of 16 - the minimum for a distance of 2-metres - across a range of specially designed T-shirts and pin-badges, the aim is to encourage the public to stay engaged in social distancing and play their part in continuing to protect their community.

Chief Strategy Officer, FutureBrand

Jon Tipple
Although we’re now deep into this crisis, we recognised that many people around the world still don’t fully understand social distancing measures and that there is a need to help bolster the safety messaging as global lockdowns ease. Combining the familiar traffic safety messaging - “if you can read this, you are too close”– with the universality of everyday items like t-shirts, bags and badges, we hope to remind people to take responsibility for themselves as the great public safety campaigns always have done.

We see this as an open call to designers, curators, influencers and creatives from around the world and encourage people to take the idea, create their own versions and help towards saving lives. This is an opportunity for our industry and beyond to come together and work creatively on a solution in an effective way.

The T-shirts are available to buy here.

All profits raised from the purchase of the T-shirts and pin-badges will be donated to charities supporting health workers and those affected by COVID-19.

Executive Creative Director, FutureBrand London

Marie-Therese Cassidy
The entire FutureBrand family want to help encourage all of us to do our bit. For us, this means using brand design and design-thinking to reduce anxiety and shape positive behaviour. We hope this campaign will trigger others across the creative community to take the idea and run with it, creating and sharing their own #TooCloseforCovid responses so it can affect and sustain as much positive behaviour as possible.
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