FutureBrand’s latest podcast reviews the findings of the 2022 FutureBrand Index, the eighth edition of the report, featuring guests from FutureBrand, Tata Consultancy Services, NYU Stern Centre for Sustainable Business, and SAP.

The results of the 2022 FutureBrand Index, the annual perception study of PwC’s Top 100 companies based on market capitalisation, reveal extensive changes in the perception of global companies almost three years after the pandemic. B2B companies – particularly those in Asia that focused on innovation around green energy and sustainable business models – saw their rankings move up. This reflects the fact that climate change is now seen as the fastest-growing threat to business success.

Joining Lynne Field, FutureBrand North America's Head of Strategy, to discuss this year's findings and the bigger global picture around ESG on the latest FutureBrand podcast is:

· Pratik Raval, Partner and Head for ESG, Sustainability and Climate Solutions at Tata Consultancy Services

· Professor Tensie Whelan, founding director of the NYU Stern Centre for Sustainable Business

· Anita Varshney, Global Vice President, Strategy, SAP Sustainability Engineering at SAP

Listen now:

Listen to the FutureBrand Podcast discussing the digital acceleration of financial services here.

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