FutureBrand Australia has launched an exciting new brand identity for Australasia’s largest experiential fun provider, Funlab Pty Ltd.

The evocative new identity aims to attract fresh talent to the business with the right mindset bringing immersive experiences to guests across their experience brands and 38 venues.

Funlab wanted a masterbrand strategy, identity and experience that not only celebrates its infectious philosophy of fun but also establishes a platform for the brand's significant expansion plans.

The experiential fun provider has never been constrained by convention, let alone bound by the rules. So, in the spirit of the creator of fun, FutureBrand Australia conjured up a brand inspired by the unexpected, crafting every element of the brand’s expression to be larger than life and infused with infectious energy.

Leading with the try-buy-use approach to FutureBrand’s clients’ products, the team enjoyed uninterrupted access to multiple Funlab venues and experiences, enabling them to fully immerse themselves in the process of reimagining Funlab’s positioning.

The goal was to amplify the magic in Funlab and use this to reimagine its expression through design and language – by elevating the power of the Funlab brand as the driving force that creates and sustains each of its experience brands for the world to enjoy. The result is a vivacious brand that invites consumers into a colourful and playful world. The shape-shifting patterns, vibrant colour palette and expressive photography accurately communicate Funlab’s purpose as a creator of fun and magic experiences.

The rebrands span eight of Funlab’s consumer-facing businesses, including Holey Moley Golf Club, Strike Bowling, Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq, Hijinx Hotel, B. Lucky & Sons, La Di Darts, Juke’s, and Red Herring, across 38 locations.

Funlab 2
Funlab 3
Funlab 4
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