FutureBrand Australia has appointed Michael Thebridge into the role of Brand Language Director to support the business’s continued growth and evolution.

Thebridge will be responsible for leading the strategic and creative development of brand language and tone of voice programmes for FutureBrand’s clients. He will report to FutureBrand Australia CEO Rich Curtis.

Thebridge joins FutureBrand with more than a decade’s experience as a copy director and brand voice specialist, previously leading brand language projects for Australia Post, Jetstar, Monash University, NAB and Officeworks. He is also a screen and theatre writer, and he joins from XXVI, part of Principals.

"I’m so excited to partner with the incredibly creative and strategic minds at FutureBrand, to help all kinds of brands find their voice and tell their story. Over the past decade, I’ve seen organisations embrace brand voice and the impact it can have on a customer’s experience. The challenge – and the opportunity – is in taking the conversation further. In using language in a way that can be truly compelling, while still connecting authentically with audiences. I’m looking forward to making that happen with FutureBrand."

Michael Thebridge Brand Language Director - FutureBrand Australia

On Thebridge and how his new role benefits from FutureBrand’s flexible team environment, Rich Curtis said:

Michael’s role as brand language director will help us continue to build brands that have a clear and compelling voice. Anyone who knows me is also likely to know how much I love language and how important I believe words are to the brands we help create and transform. Lorem ipsum are still the two most popular words in branding, Michael is here to help us continue to change that and build brands that use language to guide their brand identity and experience – from how a brand articulates its purpose to how it tells stories that connect with customers and inspire conversations. Michael has worked with us before now in a freelance capacity. I’m looking forward to Michael joining the team permanently and I’m happy that he’s able to take advantage of the flexibility we offer our people. Specifically, this is a part-time role for Michael so that he can also spend time writing scripts and screenplays for his own creative endeavours – this kind of flexibility is second nature to our team at FutureBrand and it’s one of the ways in which we open ourselves to more diverse teams and perspectives.

Thebridge’s appointment is a part-time role to enable him to continue his projects writing for screenplays and theatre.

Thebridge’s appointment is effective immediately.

This article originally appeared in bandt.com.au

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