Like many, we at FutureBrand have been forced to reconsider and dramatically change our professional and private routines to face the present worldwide emergency. Like everybody in this current situation, we feel responsible for our colleagues and their families, our clients and partners and for all those people with whom under normal circumstances we talk, we discuss, we collaborate and we meet.

The decision to work from home was taken days before the Italian Government decided the closing of all nonessential activities. We resolved ourselves to do so to protect our people and the community we belong to. Thanks to an enormous effort and the incredible commitment of many colleagues, we have managed to reorganise our entire team (more than 70 people) and to carry on working seamlessly together.

Some of the ways we are doing this are new, some are already engrained within our day to day professional life. It has been an amazing demonstration of how the different groups are already perfectly organised and familiar with innovative digital tools made even more flexible and effective by the intuitions of our younger colleagues, the true digital natives.

Everybody can contribute in real time and make his or her part in delivering the best of strategic insights and creativity because, yes, we are operative today more than ever. We are experiencing a form of connection that is not limited to the tasks we have to carry out. It is a collective embrace that makes us feel part of an extraordinary network.

We enter the homes of our colleagues 'virtually' for the first time. Their smiles, their cup of coffee on their desk, their music and jokes, these all help us to recover that very special sync that has been our everyday life until some days ago.

Creativity and technology helps us during these times because of the connection it provides.

We are empowered by it day after day, like many others.

Artwork by Bianca Oggiano

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