FutureBrand wins at the 2022 GDUSA Packaging Design Awards

10 March, 2022 Share socially

FutureBrand has recently won the Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) 2022 packaging design award in the Beauty category for its work with renowned skincare brand, Cetaphil.

GDUSA’s annual design competition is a celebration of the power of effective package design and related disciplines. Each award demonstrates the winner's ability to advance the brand and tell its story, ultimately leading to an increase in overall sales.

That has been the case with Cetaphil’s new packaging design by FutureBrand New York.

With over 70 years’ experience treating sensitive skin, Cetaphil has built a world-class reputation as a skincare brand created by dermatologists and trusted by consumers to help them treat and manage skin concerns.

However, after undergoing a strategic repositioning shift – led by fellow IPG agency Deustch – Cetaphil identified that successfully owning the territory of sensitive skincare meant going beyond efficacy and unlocking the emotional experience of sensitive skin sufferers.

That’s where FutureBrand came into play. Our team was tasked with using Cetaphil’s visual ecosystem and packaging as a strategic tool to enable sensitive skincare sufferers to feel in control – emotionally and practically – of their skincare journey.

Our insights also revealed that Cetaphil consumers wanted access to a more bespoke and premiumised offering to target specific concerns.

With these in mind, FutureBrand developed a simplified design of Cetaphil’s logo and on-pack messaging. This ensures that the master-brand equity is not diminished and can be reproduced with consistency across a variety of printing methods as well as digital applications.

An intentional use of white in the background of each product alludes to the emotional experience of having sensitive skin, as well as conveying the efficacy and ease of a Cetaphil skincare routine.

To differentiate each product range, bespoke colour systems and icons drive individual shelf stand-out, whilst continuing to elevate the theme of simplicity and clarity so often associated with premium products.