APAC brands strong in FutureBrand's global brand perception ranking

30 September, 2022 Share socially

India’s Reliance Industries, China’s CATL and India’s Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) ranked second, third and fourth in the top five. The USA’s NextEra Energy ranked number one, while Meta was fifth.

FutureBrand said the strong performance of APAC companies confirmed “the value of tracking organisations based on perception strength as opposed to just financial strength”.

It also confirmed the growing power of energy companies and the continuing dominance of technology companies – both of which are strong categories across the APAC region.

The top five also revealed the list’s focus on infrastructure companies, particularly those building behind-the-scenes infrastructures in the energy, utilities and tech sectors.

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Reliance Industries only entered the FutureBrand Index in 2020. However, the corporation’s diverse portfolio of businesses, which include energy, petrochemicals, natural gas, retail, telecommunications, mass media and textiles, have helped it skyrocket up the list.

Information technology giant TCS, which leapt 16 places from its ranking in last year’s Index, was propelled by its investments in green energy, including its Clever Energy Platform, which provides a digital solution to help companies manage their emissions.

CATL’s innovation in batteries for electric vehicles helped it secure an impressive entry into the FutureBrand Index at number three.

The top five also reflect the importance of energy and resources, with climate change being the second most critical threat to business in 2022, after technology integration and adoption. The top ten was rounded out with technology and healthcare companies Nvidia, Apple, AbbVie, TSMC and ASML.

Apple’s seventh-place ranking was the first time the company had dropped out of the top five in eight years.

Chinese brands continued to dominate the ranking, accounting for 12 of the top 100 overall.

APAC brands that made the ranking included: Chinese liquor brand Moutai (20), Chinese insurance company Ping An (23), Toyota (24), China Mobile (42), China Merchants Bank (49), CCBC (53), Alibaba (54), PetroChina (55), Agricultural Bank of China (56), Tencent (60), ICBC (86) and Bank of China (98).

This article originally appeared in The Drum