Resilience in the face of change: future-proofing a Not-for-Profit

10 August, 2021 Share socially

The pandemic has been devastating for many charities, with some having to dig into their reserves in order to survive and support the demands for their services. It’s clear that there has never been a more important time for robust brands with strong consumer recognition and understanding.

FutureBrand’s work for Guide Dogs Australia is an example of how charities can evolve their brand messaging and positioning to stay one step ahead in an increasingly crowded and developing market. Guide Dogs Australia came to FutureBrand knowing they needed to reaffirm their position as a leader in their sector in order to continue to have a competitive advantage. Guide Dogs Australia were in need of a connected and consistent brand to work as a national force to reach more clients and more donors, more effectively.

To future-proof Guide Dogs Australia, and in the absence of a singular unifying purpose, FutureBrand set about to unearth the one trait that unified all the states Guide Dogs Australia operates in. FutureBrand brought together employees across the Guide Dogs Australia network to explore a range of issues and opportunities. As a result of this strategic engagement process, the brand idea that FutureBrand developed ‘Find your way’ supported the idea that just as Guide Dogs Australia helped clients find their way to independence, the unified brand would show that there’s more than one way to find your way in the world. The idea allows Guide Dogs Australia to interact across all stakeholder groups, be that clients who are looking for a connection to Guide Dogs Australia’s services; donors looking for ways to leave a legacy; or for employees about finding a way to make a difference.

For Guide Dogs Australia, not only did the brand project facilitate unity across the company, it also strengthened and future proofed the brand and visual strategy by building a framework for growth and innovation. Not-for-Profit brands are not able to survive on what was originally a strong brand purpose alone. They need to constantly innovate and offer their consumers new connections and experiences through their brand framework and visuals to ensure continued brand engagement and understanding.