The trends that will shape the future of travel

18 March, 2020 Share socially

In a world of possibilities, there are myriad reasons why people leave their homes and travel, whether on personal quests or business trips.

At last week’s Mumbrella Travel Marketing Summit in Sydney, Richard Curtis – CEO FutureBrand Asia-Pacific – revealed a sneak preview of FutureBrand’s ‘future of travel’ report.

Informed by a series of one-on-one interviews with CEOs, CMOs, product pioneers and marketing leads from across the travel industry, FutureBrand have conducted global research into travel futures, the impact and implications for brands in the travel and tourism sector – from airlines to hotels and hospitality, destinations, tours and activities.

Richard also took the opportunity to anchor the findings in FutureBrand’s latest Country Index, leading to a broad range of insights and trends that will shape the next horizon of travel businesses and brands.