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Brand Research & Measurement

Brands are business assets that create future value. Our approach to brand measurement looks at how they drive demand today and loyalty tomorrow.

From balance sheet assets to drivers of future customer loyalty, strong brands create business value and insulate you against economic, competitive and reputational risk. We offer research and measurement expertise to help you understand the current and potential value of your brand as a driver of growth. This is particularly important during times of strategic change, from company acquisition, divestiture and portfolio management, to determining levels of marketing investment and return. This is driven by research and insight, and informed by new opportunities in data science and analytics emerging from real-time customer data, as well as qualitative and ethnographic sources. Our proprietary measures of a ‘future brand’ that balance dimensions relating to demand and loyalty are central to our approach, and inform our annual study of the Top 100 Global Companies.

Find out how being a ‘future brand’ creates a measurable competitive advantage in our global study of the PwC Top 100 Global Companies by Market Capitalization.

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