Sephora - FutureBrand


Creating a more connected future for beauty


Unveiled in November 2015 on Powell Street in San Francisco, Sephora’s latest retail concept called the Beauty T.I.P (teach, inspire, play) Workshop, merges the brand’s core values- teach, inspire, play to bring next-level service and education to the store’s diverse client profiles, developed in partnership between our retail and hospitality team, UXUS and Sephora’s Store Design team.


FutureBrand's challenge was to evolve Sephora from a house of brands to the ultimate peer-to-peer education hub for the beauty community, where clients discover the perfect products and looks, just for them.


Looking at the customer journey as a starting point, UXUS reinvented Sephora’s retail into a 360 client focused brand experience that leverages education as its core brand differentiator. UXUS created a comprehensive and fully immersive Sephora retail brand experience that included the store environment, communication strategy, service models and in-store digital touch-point strategy.


The new Sephora T.I.P store offers a complete 360-degree experience, where every purchase is a learning moment tailored to different client needs. The concept’s design takes a refined and contemporary approach, focusing on simple materials to facilitate education and spontaneous product play at every turn and transform Sephora into the ultimate Beauty T.I.P authority.