FBI 2020

The FutureBrand Index 2020

We are living in unprecedented times. Six years on from the first FutureBrand Index, the world has changed dramatically, priorities have shifted and the globe’s top 100 companies are dealing with challenges unthinkable even 12 months ago.

When we published the last FutureBrand Index in 2018, it was ten years since the worst financial crisis in living memory. Now we are living through the worst healthcare crisis in a century. But out of this will emerge a reimagined world, and it will be up to leading companies and the people who work for them to respond to new demands and new expectations.

At FutureBrand, we are perfectly placed to assess which brands will rise to the occasion and which may struggle to fulfil their potential. In the FutureBrand Index 2020, we examine the world’s leading firms and determine how they have fared over the past year. And thanks to our wealth of data amassed carefully and methodically since 2014, we also have a detailed six-year picture to share with you.

Our unique perspective shines a light on the innovators as well as the brands which have successfully navigated sector-specific rough waters. As we discovered, it can be premature to write off a company in difficulty and risky to extol the virtues of a seemingly unbreakable brand.
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